Marriages are a lot like houses. If you build them on a good, solid foundation and maintain them properly, they will last indefinitely. If you build them on a poor foundation and neglect them, they will collapse. This book will help you to create a good foundation for your marriage, and it will also provide some of the timbers that are needed to build a sturdy framework for it. It's written mainly for people who hope to get married soon and for newlyweds, but it can also help to improve the marriages of established couples.


    For a long time, I have been concerned about the large number of marriages that end in divorce. I have family members who are divorced, and I have seen firsthand some of the pain and bitterness that has resulted. This book got its start as a list of marriage principles that I gave to my children. I wanted to help them avoid some of the problems that cause marriages to fail.


    I have learned these principles over many years of marriage and I want to share them with you in the hope that you, too, will have a joyful and successful marriage - one that will last For a Lifetime.